We collect vitamin through Enviroment
Whether we take a short stroll or choose to walk for too long, or even run, being out in nature benefits both our body and our mind and soul.

Every time we go out in the nature to walk, we give our body the luxury of ecotherapy and fill our stores with "Vitamin F". But before we are surprised at these words, which we are probably hearing for the first time, let us know that this is not a sophisticated treatment in a luxury spa but the terms used by specialists to describe the benefits we get when we are close to nature. .
We can use the baking soda in the house and around the house in many ways: as an environmentally friendly cleaner in the bathroom and kitchen , or as a stain remover , we now show you how to benefit from the garden as an environmentally friendly pesticide.
Living in contact with nature is a luxury these days. In addition to the visual benefits, the lifestyle next to green provides better air quality and, of breaking, brings physical benefits to the body. Going beyond expected, a study published in the journal PNAS noted closely how children living in areas with dense vegetation are healthier. The results show that small plant lovers have a 55% lower risk of developing mental illness during their lifetime.

Conducted by researchers at the Aarhus University in Denmark, it is the largest research on the relationship between nature and mental health . Data on the life of almost one million Danes were used, taking into account several variables that could lead to a mental disorder, such as income and family history.
The explanation lies in the brain. The physiological singing error of the singing birds in the Northern Hemisphere follows the cycle of the year.
In the winter, the tide is shallow, because the birds have no need to attract the spouse and not fight the circle.
The increase in light in the spring triggers the singing and is supported by changes in the brain.
A Japanese tradition called "shinrin yoku", which involves immersing oneself in the forest during a walk, would effectively reduce stress, according to a new study.  

Depression , lung or heart disease ... Shinrin-yoku (literally meaning the "forest bath") is a practice of spending time in the forest to take care of your health. 
Konica Minolta implements a "Carbon Neutral Printing" program to reduce its environmental footprint and environmental sustainability, allowing its customers to do the same.